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Rules and Format Set for Waaagh!Fest 2015


bigmekSo, after many long debates, we’ve finally settled on the format for Waaagh!Fest 2015. We have decided to follow the conventions and list building rules as set forth by the ITC (Independent Tournament Circuit) which published the rules of the popular LVO/BAO tournaments.


But you’re a small, friendly, non-competitive/compeitive, gaming over beer and chips kinda tournament – why would you adopt the trappings of a large, hyper-competitive, WAACa style tournament?


Well, my friend, it’s a different world out there in the world of 7th Edition. As gamers, we are spoiled with the amount of variety we have, an endless fountain of rules, units, models, superheavies, and fortifications. As a tournament organizer, it’s a hellish nightmare of a million options, and no possible combination that will make ALL players happy, much less keeping on top of Games Workshops recent production schedule. 7th Edition Warhammer 40K makes 2nd Edition look like Candy Land compared to Risk. And, to be honest, us TO’s for Waaagh!Fest have many other jobs that don’t include working for a gaming company or hobby store so we don’t have umpteen hours to invest in play-testing everything that comes out and finding broken situations.

For that, we’ve decided to leave it to the experts who DO this for a living. This lets us focus on the FUN part of this gig – picking themes, writing missions, and generally gathering folks together to throw dice over beers and food in a friendly environment. If you are the type to follow the LVO/BAO rules, assume that changes they make in their format will be reflected here. We will attempt to keep up with them and reflect the changes here.

So cruise on over to the Roolz page and check out what you can and can’t do for this years tournament. To be honest, there isn’t a lot of difference from last year besides HOW you choose your lists

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