Granite City Waaagh Fest
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Waaagh!Pool! —- Er, Waaagh!Fest! Information Incoming!


Ok all you grotty-boyz, listen up! Word from Warboss OrkPool is that there’s some stuff ya’s gotta know and here it is.

We are no longer aligning with ITC so we can maintain our beer and pretzel roots. Dat seems pretty important.

Only paid slots will be reserved. We will accept walk-ins the day of the event but there’s no guarantee a slot will be available.

One month cutoff for new codexes. Yep, even if it’s an ork book 😉 Codex Harlequins is the last released codex allowed.

If ya haven’t figured it out yet (dumb grot), this years theme is Deadpool! Players wearing brown pants or Big Rubber Masturbating Shoes (Crocs) get a free drink token at the door! 😊

Players also get bonus points applied towards your total Waaagh!Fest score if they provide a crayon drawing of Deadpool the day of the event. 😊

Armies must be battleforged, 3 detachment limit.

We will be using the Big FAQ guidelines of no more than 3 of the same datasheet for non-troop units.

Any uver questions, email them here –>

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