Granite City Waaagh Fest



The Granite City Waaagh!Fest is a Warhammer 40K tournament inspired by those brilliant folks down Huntsville, Alabama. Thier tournament, The Kalm Before the Waaagh! is basically a 40K tournament held in a bar. People meeting other players over a beer and a wargaming tabletop. Ours is a tribute to that genius.

Since Da Reddanecks (the organizer of  The Kalm) explains it so much better than I can I’ll quote him from The Kalms About page…

“The Kalm Before the Waaagh is different from most 40k tournaments that you have probably attended in the past. We approach this event with a rigid belief that 40K is a game where grown men are playing with toy soldiers. It is a social opportunity to spend time with friends and to make new friends. It is nothing more and nothing less. This is the way 40K began in England so many years ago and we believe it’s the way it should be played today.”

Redd goes on to espouse the extras provided to the attendees and I can only hope I can wrangle up some sweet deals around town as he has. 🙂

As with The Kalm (no, I will not stop referencing them, they started this!) we offer a cash bar, great food you can order from the kitchen, and more. I’m also hoping to add some possible extra events as I can swing’em. We do plan on having an “after party” at the bar where everyone can recount their victories and continue creating friendships.

I do want to quote The Kalm site one more time (he writes so well)…

“One thing though that we must express to players is that the attitude for this event is also different from most tournaments. We don’t allow any douchebaggery at the Kalm. If you come, you come to have a great time, eat a good meal, have some good drinks and have a great time with friends. If you aren’t the type of person who likes to have a few drinks while playing, this probably isn’t the tournament for you. “

Quite a few of us have been to regular 40K tournaments and know what this means and we whole-heartedly believe in this premise. Same goes for here in sleepy little St. Cloud.

Please also be aware that your bar staff, are for the most part, here outside of normal wokring hours and rely on your tips to make it worth while to both them and us. Tip them well and often, if you’re not helping them out like this it’s a waste of our time and theirs. Of course, mentioning this means you must be 21 years of age to take part in this tournament. IDs will be checked at the door so we can’t say it loud enough. I’d hate to have someone register, pay and be turned away at the door because they’re underage. I will not be asking/doublechecking age when you register!

We hope we can do The Kalm folks justice, and that everyone who comes to the show will have a good time and meet new friends.

The Waaagh! Fest Staff