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Waaagh!Fest 2023 Registration Information and Rules


It’s dat time a year to get sum updating dun so y’all know wut’s goin’ on.

Waaagh!Fest 2023 is a now officially a two-day event! Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th, are scheduled with gaming fun across both days. The main WH40K Rogue Trader Tournament is Saturday with Sunday offering more WH40K and other related games throughout the day. Check the details here: Waaagh!Fest 2023 Registration 


Da Rules we’ll be using covering the WH40K Rogue Trader Tournament, including points, army makeup, and rules consideration can be found here at the Waaagh!Fest Rules 2023 page. The answer to most questions can be found there. If not, contact the organizers here at


The standard snazzy 6+ armor can be found by linking through our t-shirt page here: Waaagh!Fedst T-Shirts.


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