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Waaagh!Fest! After Action Report – 2014



Alright, ladies and gents. Now that we’ve all had a chance to come down from the high (and sober up a bit 😉 ), Here’s how things shook out at this years Granite City Waaagh!Fest! The top four took home etched liter beer mugs and kustom made plushie squigs.

Best Overall: Matt Root

Best General: Marv Sims

Best Sport: Shawn Kilgore

Best Paint: Nathan Sorenson

A few other notable mentions took home some specially chosen prizes 🙂 Toby Miers took home a ‘uge bucket of cheese balls for Cheesiest Armylist (three Imperial Knights will do that to a person). Puck (Paul Huck) took home the Worst Luck (two new Chessex dice cubes) for his atrocious attempt at, well, everything during his second match on the spikey Riddick board. And to the person who placed last, we typically give out a different game for them to play, maybe it’ll go better for them. This year though, we gave Isaac Thomsen the opportunity to maybe get a second chance under 7th Edition WH40k with a new rules box set. Good luck Isaac!

I want to thank all of the staff and all the attendees for an excellent turnout, a ton of new stories, and a whole bunch of new friends, even if only for day. Keep your eyes peeled for the details on the upcoming Camp Brenny for those coming in from out of town – camping an 40K, might be the new thing! If you have feed back, comments, suggestions or gripes, please let us know here :

Till later (sometime around the first of the year), everyone have a great summer, get out there and get some sun! We’ll try to post here for other tournament announcements around the area to help build some SEO and keep those connections alive, and as always, make sure you’re connected to the Frozen North Gaming Club on Facebook!

Randy Tenvoorde and the entire staff of Granite City Waaagh!Fest!

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