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Waaagh!Fest 2012 Registration Now Open!!!


The date is set, registration is open and that means ya gits better get yer slot reserved today!

Last year was a tremendous success so I guess we're gonna do this all again! Thrity two slots, a fun bar that we basically take over for the day and a bunch of really great players converging to eat, drink, play and meet new  people and experience 40K the way it was meant to be. The location is McCann's Food and Brewpub as last year but we've got many more surprises in store this time.

One is a local terrain competition amongst the local players/builders. We'll be having a board desing/building contest between now and early June. Competitors will design and build a board of whatever choosing and theme they want. A public voting poll will determine the winner whose table will become the championship table table where the top two conteders will play against each other in the Octagon Cage! Details will be posted on St.Cloud soon.

Of course there will be prizes and I've got a really cool idea for the top trophies this year that will be hard to beat. As mentioned earlier, we had such a blast running last years show that we knew right away we'd be doing this again. Now we can't wait to spring all the fun stuff on you folks this time.

Remeber to take a swing through the Rules page and talke to your friends/enemies and set aside the time to come on down, up and over – you wont regret it!

ps: I'll start checking around soon on hotel accomodiations – I won't be able to get any really good deals unless I can confirm 10 plus rooms though, but we'll keep our eyes peeled.

The staff of Waaagh!Fest

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