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Update all da Roolz!!!


Ork_WarbossAll right, after much gnashing of teeth, screamin’ and hollerin’, and a few teef knocked out, da Waaagh!Fest staff proudly present you wif: Da Roolz fer Waaagh!Fest 2014!

With the pace of releases Games Workshop has recently set (slow down, dammit!), we know there may be some instances where decisions will need to be made between now and then, but for those who want a jump start of planning, these are the rules we will be using for Waaagh!Fest 2014. Some interesting things and changes of note for those who don’t want to dig deeper yet:

  • Escalation = Out
  • Stronghold Assault = In EXCEPT the Aquila Strongpoint
  • Forgeworld Models = In if “Warhammer 40K Approved”
  • Forgeworld Armylists = In as long as they’re codex models or meet the above criteria
  • Dataslates = In
  • Formations = Out

We like the idea of cool models being shown off but we also spend quite some time on setting up the terrain to be somewhat balanced so a compromise has been struck so we’ve decided to include fortifications from Strongpoint but there is a specific way to deploy these models, check the rules page out for how this will effect the deployments if you have an questions.

That should sum up the major differences between this and last years Fest. Can’t wait to see all of you here, have beer with ya watch everyone stomp da hell outta everyone else.

As usual, any questions or concerns, contact me here: Randy Tenvoorde –

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