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Takin’ Care uv Tings Like a Warboss!


Hey all! Here’sĀ  the countdown reminder for a few things and a couple of decisions da interwebs haven’t done fixed yet.

JUNE 3rd – T-shirt orders are due. Remember you can email/talk to me if you don’t want to pay via Paypal interface.

JUNE 17th – Army lists are due to me here ( PDF .TXT, RST, DOCX… Any of these formats work. If you’re at Bakers on Tuesday nights, you can hand a hard copy to any one of the Waaagh!Fest staff. (Randy, Brian, Geppy, Brandon or Mark).

A few other notes as we get closer… We will not be using the new Eldar Codex as it’s inside the four week window. Alas, that means we have to let the Tau in though šŸ˜‰

Two particular issues have been raised that GW hasn’t been speedy about FAQing here in the states (apparently it’s understood in England).

1) The Tau’s Sun Shark Bomber STARTS with a bomb in the bomb generator.

2) Deamons Exalted Flamer Chariot: This unit CAN move and shoot.

If there’s anything else that’s really nebulous and you’re not sure (and already hasn’t been FAQ’d to death), contact me and we’ll sort it out before hand. I don’t want to have people not bring certain things because they were unsure about it.

The Waaagh!Fest Staff

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