Granite City Waaagh Fest

Rules 2013


Da Roolz

If yer here lookin’ fer stuff for 2014 – take heed. At a minimum, assume all rules listed here as the same for Waaagh!Fest IIII. We have yet to make any final decisions regarding Escalation, Strongpoint Assault or Dataslates. These will be forthcoming.

The Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rules will be used.

A total of three games will be played – two and one half hours per game.

Armies will consist of up to 2000 points using a standard force organization chart for 6th Edition.

This permits (see pages 109-110 of the BRB)

  • One or two primary detachments
  • 1 allied detachment per primary detachment
  • 1 fortification per primary detachment
    • The Fortress of Redemption, Skyshield Landing Pad, and Necron Tomb Citadel (or their modeled gaming equivalents) are not allowed.

The following is a list of legal army choices for use at Waagh!Fest!:

  • Codex: Chaos Marines
  • Codex: Daemons
  • Codex: Dark Eldar
  • Codex: Eldar
  • Codex: Grey Knights
  • Codex: Imperial Guard
  • Codex: Necrons
  • Codex: Orks
  • Codex: Space Marines
  • Codex: Black Templars
  • Codex: Blood Angels
  • Codex: Dark Angels
  • Codex: Space Wolves
  • Codex: Tau Empire
  • Codex: Tyranids
  • Codex: Sisters of Battle

Any army, model or unit rules from the Death from the Skies supplement are valid as well but you MUST HAVE THE BOOK! This is to verify any possible conflicts.


FORGEWORLD!!! (hellz yeah!)

Forgeworld units/models that have the “Warhammer 40,000 Approved” or “Warhammer 40,000” stamp on the page for that model/unit are acceptable for Waaagh!Fest. If the stamp is not there, it can’t be used. This also includes Imperial Armour: Aeronautica. You must have a copy of the book/rules for anything FW that’s used and let your opponent know at the beginning of the game.


The following are NOT allowed in Waaagh!Fest! (This list is simply for rules clarification. If the army is not on the above “armies allowed” list then it is not allowed):

  • Rules and Army Lists marked as “Trial” or “Optional”
  • Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse rules
  • Any army which does not have a codex
  • Any campaign or expansion codex (for example Eye of Terror or Armageddon)
  • Chapter Approved

Special and upgrade characters are allowed, assuming that they are playable at 2000 pts.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If you wish to use an item, it must be represented on the figure.

You must provide access to your own rules (which include the actual Codex used for your army), dice, templates, pen/pencil, calculator, or anything else you will need during the course of regular play.

Objective Markers: Some of the scenarios will require objective markers. Please bring 3 objective markers as you see fit. We’re not going to mandate a specific size but in line with the theme of having fun, don’t be that “guy/girl”. They probably should be on 25mm/40mm bases or something close to that. If you’ve spent hours modeling a really cool looking commo tower that’s “about” 2.5″ in diameter, I’m sure it’ll be fine. DON’T be the one that shows up with something the size of a CD/DVD or a couple of sequin’s and expect to not be hammered by the Sportmanship score…

In order to keep the tournament running on schedule, when time is called for a round, all player’s must drop the dice and stop playing – no exceptions. Your being extremely close to winning is NOT justification for playing past the allotted time. Because of this, please be aware of the time left in the round and do not start a turn that EACH player cannot finish. If you were not clear on this DO NOT START A GAME TURN THAT EACH PLAYER CANNOT FINISH. “But I will win if we do another turn really fast” is NOT sufficient ground to start another turn. If you are that worried about it you are playing in the wrong tournament.

Bring at LEAST 5 Copies of your Army List (1 for the judge, 3 for your opponents, 1 for yourself). YOU ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE EACH OF YOUR OPPONENTS A COPY OF YOUR LIST BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS WHETHER THEY WANT ONE OR NOT. DO NOT claim you forgot your list and hand write one out for your opponents. People who do this at the time of a game almost always fail to add up their points correctly. The preferred list format is Army Builder. After that a spread sheet with all costs set forth on the sheet. Finally, if you do it by hand xerox your list before hand and have the costs of EVERYTHING on your sheets.

Players are required to turn their rosters in to the organizers in advance of the tournament in an electronic format. Rosters must be submitted no later than June 22nd. We need time to review and make sure things are ok before the tournament.

Give your opponent a copy of your list before the game starts. This is NOT optional. This tournament is full and open disclosure. If your opponent does not do this you are REQUIRED to note it on your sportsmanship score sheet. We will be looking for patterns.

Play your games, get done, go eat food and have a drink.

Tip your bartender and the bar wait staff. Do not be a cheap skate. These people are getting paid primarily on tips and we want them to have a good time as well. We also want them to welcome us back next year!

If you see someone that needs help carrying something, help them out without being asked.

Offer to buy your opponent a beer. It may not ‘technically’ be mandatory but it will help your karma.

If you cheat or have a crappy attitude you will be kicked out.


Battle: There are 20 battle points which can be won for each game. Each of the three games will have different ways to garner battle points. Some standard fare such as kill points and targeting specific units will be present in some scenarios – others may not be so standard. Who knows?

Painting: Each player will be awarded up to 20 points towards their final score for paint. A completely unpainted army (which you are welcome to bring if you choose) will be awarded a zero while the army that Michelangelo and DaVinci got together to convert and paint would be worth 20.

Sportsmanship: Be honest but don’t be “that guy/girl”.

Ok, yes, it’s a bar tournament focused on the thrill of playing with toys, in a bar, but we still have to have prizes or no one would really come to play! That being said, there will be trophies and prizes. Best General (Overall), Best Sport (top Sportsmanship score – general consensus amongst staff in case of tie) and Best Paint will receive “trophies” befitting the event. There will be other fun door prizes as well depending on the volume of entrants. These will usually be somewhat themed and at the whim and creativity of the Waaagh!Fest staff.