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Registration Opening Soon and T-Shirt Design


I suppose now that New Years is all over with I should start getting a few things done 'round here about this little tournament we've decided to throw!

The registration for the Granite City Waaagh!Fest should be open by this weekend. I've gotten most of the bugs worked out and just need do do a round of final testing and I'll let the floodgates open. The limit will be 32 people but I'll open a waiting list registration if all 32 slots fill up.

The t-shirt design has been finalized and you will be able to order one through our website (part of the registration) and I'll have them waiting for you at the event. I will only be ordering shirts for those who say in advance they will buy a shirt when they register – this is important! There will not be extras on hand at the tournament so be sure to speak up early. There will be a cut off date so I have enough time to make sure they're done and delivered before the show. I'll post here (in BIG GIANT LETTERS) when that will be so it doesn't surprise anyone.

I've also been busy with getting the "trophies" taken care of. I think they're gonna be a big hit and super fun – I can't wait! I'll post a pic when they're done so everyone can see what's at stake.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon.

The Waaagh!Fest Staff

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