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INCOMMING!!! New Flyers Tourny Legit


OMG - Ork Bommer!Unless you've been living under a spore patch the last month, you already know that the new White Dwarf magazine from Games WOrkshop has released three new fliers (well, 5 including options – for orks!!!) in issue #389. With stores already taking pre-orders, these models can be in players hands by Waaagh!Fest. I've had some inquireies as to eligibility for play already, and why wouldn't you want too? We here at Waaagh!Fest feel that since the magazine article and rules for these machines are listed as "Official" by GW, they're  good to go for the tournament. And they should be a lot of fun too!

We do however ask that players wishing to use the new models also have the issue of White Dwarf #389 with them so opponents may paw through youre new magazine and see the rules fopr themselves. This shouldn not be an optional thing either – bring the model, bring the magazine.

We just gotta say, if we don't see at least three of those new ork models blasting around the boards, we're going to be sorrily dissappointed! (that that IG!)

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