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Important Announcement: Ahem, hem hem….


Games Workshop dropped a whole shed-load of FAQ’s yesterday. Everyone gets updated for 7th Edition (except Sisters…). Yay! Since almost all of these changes/FAQ’s/errata’s are focused on the conversion to 7th Edition, we will NOT be using these new FAQ’s for Granite City Waaagh!Fest! this year.

Yes, there are certain fixes that would balance things out (Helldrake templates) but would you really like to give up all of your psychic powers? (JotWW anyone?) Because it will be nearly impossible to cherry pick which changes are valid and which ones to ignore, we’ve chosen this route instead for the sake of simplicity for everyone.

Again, we are NOT using the new FAQ’s for Waaagh!Fest! Please use the last possible, known FAQ for the BRB and your codex. I will be looking for an archived set up links for those who don’t have them already and post it here.

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