Granite City Waaagh Fest



Well, our little event just isn't quite large enough (yet) for me swing some sweet deals at the local hotels. After spending a lot of time on the phones and online, I've come to realize that currently the best deals are found on Priceline. This may change for future Waaagh!Fests as the number of out of town participants grows and I can guarantee blocks of rooms of 10 or more.

I've been checking Priceline for the last month and found the prices listed below to be somewhat stable for the dates of the event. I cannot guarantee these prices and am only providing them to you as a guideline for your planning if you're deciding to attend from out of town.

The two below are my best suggestions as the prices are fair, they're nice hotels and both are really close (7 blocks or less) to McCanns Food & Brewpub.

Homewood Suites are 4 blocks away and currently running $87 a night (as of 1-15-2011)

The Holiday Inn, which is about 7 blocks away is currently showing $80 a night (as of 1-15-2011)

There are cheaper rates at a number of other locations but some are pretty far away from the event.

Transportation: I'm trying to arrange transportation for those who stay at the two locations listed above. I'll post more details as I work things out.

Use this address as your central starting location to find hotels:

3308 3rd St N
St. Cloud MN 56303