Granite City Waaagh Fest
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Waaagh!Fest! T-Shirts Now Available To Order


teaser2Listen up ya worthless grots. We’ve put the Waaagh!Fest! armor (t-shirts) up for sale today on our site. Head on over and check out the in-process design and grab yers today! As we’ve been able to manage for the last three years, we have the amazingly talented DeveantArt artist, TaytonClait on board doing a custom themed piece of work to liven up our shirts and artwork. We’ve finalized the lineart and are now working into the coloring phase. His work has been seen on our shirts at many RTT tournaments and GT events over the years and we’re so glad to continue having him work with us on these.

There’s only about four weeks to place your order so we can get them back from the printer in time so don’t delay!

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