Granite City Waaagh Fest
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Granite City Waaagh!Fest Registration Now Open


waaaghfest4Got the grots finally cleared out of the server room so things can get beck to working the way they should.

Tadaaa! Registration is now open for the Granite City Waaagh!Fest IIII – 2014. Here’s the details you might need to at least sign up.

Date: June 28th, 2014
Location: Moose Lodge 1400 in Waite Park, MN
Registration Fee: $30
Slots Available: 48

You must register online through our registration page. Registration through the form does not guarantee you a spot, completing the transaction through Paypal DOES. If you have any problems with the registration software, please let me know here…

Of course this is way ahead of the event but we need registration money to start setting up things before the event like; registering the hall, swag and giveaways, trophies and prizes.

Of course there will be t-shirts as usual but were a bit far out from anything concrete form yet. Announcements will be made as soon as we know something there.

As we all know there’s lots of noise on the new books put out and as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we are talking, reading, researching, and duking it out over beers as to how we’re going to treat everything. We’re just a little small dinky bar event, I can’t image the chaos this is causing the larger GT style events.

We’re already working on missions and themes and ideas for cool, unique prizes. I just need to find out if I can give beer away at a public event without a license…


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