Granite City Waaagh Fest
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Da War/Fun Machine Gettin’ Back Online!


paul-huckFeelin’ kinda safe afta scrubbin’ out da warp tainted code from the servers, we’z tink we gots it licked! (fingaz crossed ‘ere).

The website is back up and running in skeleton mode. There may be a few things outta whack for a bit as I rebuild the site. Right now the two most important things are the ability to get out information (this) and the registration software. I’m working on both in what little spare time I can find.

I know a lot of (ok, a few) people have been asking about the date for this years Waaagh!Fest and wondering the details so they can plan. Granite City Waaagh!Fest 4 is tentatively set for Saturday, June 21st 2014. The location should be the same (The Waite Park Moose Lodge) and the vibe should be much like last year.

Another topic I wanted to drop a note about is noise and confusion caused by Games Workshops rapid release of material, including Stronghold Assault, Escalation, dataslates and the Forgeworld inclusions. I can say up front that at a minimum, we will be allowing everything as it was last year (WH40K Approved FW) including the restriction on Skyshield Landing Pads and Fortress of Redemption.

NOW, that said, we are meeting this next week to have some face to face conversation and hammer it out. We will be carefully looking at all the angles and how this massive surge in product will change the “I’m here to have fun, meet people, drink beer, and play with little plastic toy armies” aspect of Waaagh!Fest. There is a lot of noise out there, especially online, and we are taking almost every bit of info into consideration.

Expect some announcement and rulings to be posted in the next week or two about the final roolz for the upcoming event. Until, remember, it’s a jungle out there and all we want to do is have fun!

Randy Tenvoorde

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