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Clarifications as We Get Closer to Game Day


paul-huckThere’s been a few questions popping up as we close this last month before Waaagh!Fest! 5 so I thought I’d address the most common here because they mostly affect the list building component.

We chose to use the ITC format for most of our rules, especially when it comes to list building. Recently there has been a lot of talk swirling around the the surveys just completed and Reccuss’ online opinions of the results, which they use in making changes to the format. I’ll put this out there right away: THEY HAVE NOT MADE ANY CHANGES TO THE FAQ BASED ON THESE FINDINGS.

We’ve decided to not use any changes made 30 days prior to the event, just like the adoption of new codices released within that same time frame, and for all of the same reasons. Use the FAQ dated 2/2015.

That said, the new Imperial Knights codex raises the question of LoW, since ALL Knights are considered LoW now. We are choosing to allow the new codex as is but you are limited to a MAXIMUM of three Knights in ANY army list, no matter how you organize it. You shalt not use  four. Five is right out!

The other question that has arose is how to use the “allowed, non-Warhammer40K Approved/legal LoW” list provided by ITC and linked to in the Roolz section. Use the list on our Rooolz page to determine if the LoW you wich to use is legal, then use the ITC linked chart to see what source you should be using for that particular model.

As usual, any other questions, please contact me at



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