Granite City Waaagh Fest
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A lively conversation…


300px-Bad_Moon_WarbossNob #1: “Hur, hur, hur. Hey Boss, ain’t you gunna be talkin’ to da ‘umies soon ’bout what ta be expectin’ at dat Waaagh!Fest fing?”

Warboss: “Yeah, got sum good’uns up our sleeves for’em dis year. Some new toys are gonna be allowed on da battlefield dat we ain’t never seen before, shud be a smashin’ good time!”

Nob #2: “Yeah! SMASHIN’! hahah, smashin’ ‘umies!”

Warboss: “Shut yer yapper and go’n git me do’z rules boyz. Dey’z got some updatin’ to do.”

Nob #2: “I’m on it Boss.”

Warboss: “Now, watcha doin’ standin’ ’round ‘ere like a lump onna squig? Git out der and let’s em all know dat there’s some krumpin’ ta do up ‘ere in da Granite City in Joon!.”

Nob #1: “Gotcha Boss! What all I gotta tell’em?”

Warboss: “Wot? Tell’em klobberin’ friends and squig brew -what else is der? Oh yeah, Regustrashun is open too.”

Nob #1: “Right, friends and brew and regustrashun too. Right.”

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