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25 Days and Counting!


Hello fellow 40K-ers! As we get closer to the big day we're all getting more and more excited about having a blast at McCann's and playing 40K. We're also busy as ammo grots getting all the prep work done. We've gotten the missions hammered out and are finishing up playtesting them. We've got some doozies in here, some nice twists the boyz down in Alabama showed us and I think they'll go over well here too.

Time was spent this weekend on cranking out enough terrain to make for exciting games on 16 boards. 30+ tree/area terrain bases are finished and we're currently adding another two giant shees of foam for hills to add along with 40+ more trees. Many of you are also chipping your own terrain to help make sure the boards don't look sparse. Thanks to all of you who are adding to the event.

I do need to take this time as well to remind everyone who's interested in official Granite City Waaagh!Fest apparel. T-shirt orders must be placed by this Friday, May 27th.  I'll be dropping off the orders this weekend so if you want want, make sure you head over to the T-Shirt Order page or email me if you have any questions or special considerations.

I can't tell ya how jazzed up we're getting. it verges on the edge of lunacy. Suffice to say, we think this is going to be something people will have a great time with, tell their friends and have to add tables for next years bash. Keep watching here for more news and updates as we get closer!

The Granite City Waaagh!Fest Staff

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