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Granite City Waaagh Fest

ork-nobIt has become official, the new Codex: Imperial Knights is legal at our little bar fight. For those that wish to bring these new, easy to transport models/armies ( ;) ), you must also have a copy of the superheavy rules with you to verify any disputes that may arise from other players inexperience with this slightly different ruleset, much the same as you would with Forgeworld items.

There’s been a lot of inquiries about this codex and it seems to be an interesting fit. As much as I’m hoping to see them at Waaagh!Fest,  I’ll personally buy a beer for the first person who takes one down with orks ;) Not even kidding.

As usual, email me with questions or post to the Frozen North Gaming Club group on Facebook.



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Update all da Roolz!!!


Ork_WarbossAll right, after much gnashing of teeth, screamin’ and hollerin’, and a few teef knocked out, da Waaagh!Fest staff proudly present you wif: Da Roolz fer Waaagh!Fest 2014!

With the pace of releases Games Workshop has recently set (slow down, dammit!), we know there may be some instances where decisions will need to be made between now and then, but for those who want a jump start of planning, these are the rules we will be using for Waaagh!Fest 2014. Some interesting things and changes of note for those who don’t want to dig deeper yet:

  • Escalation = Out
  • Stronghold Assault = In EXCEPT the Aquila Strongpoint
  • Forgeworld Models = In if “Warhammer 40K Approved”
  • Forgeworld Armylists = In as long as they’re codex models or meet the above criteria
  • Dataslates = In
  • Formations = Out

We like the idea of cool models being shown off but we also spend quite some time on setting up the terrain to be somewhat balanced so a compromise has been struck so we’ve decided to include fortifications from Strongpoint but there is a specific way to deploy these models, check the rules page out for how this will effect the deployments if you have an questions.

That should sum up the major differences between this and last years Fest. Can’t wait to see all of you here, have beer with ya watch everyone stomp da hell outta everyone else.

As usual, any questions or concerns, contact me here: Randy Tenvoorde –

waaaghfest4Got the grots finally cleared out of the server room so things can get beck to working the way they should.

Tadaaa! Registration is now open for the Granite City Waaagh!Fest IIII – 2014. Here’s the details you might need to at least sign up.

Date: June 28th, 2014
Location: Moose Lodge 1400 in Waite Park, MN
Registration Fee: $30
Slots Available: 48

You must register online through our registration page. Registration through the form does not guarantee you a spot, completing the transaction through Paypal DOES. If you have any problems with the registration software, please let me know here…

Of course this is way ahead of the event but we need registration money to start setting up things before the event like; registering the hall, swag and giveaways, trophies and prizes.

Of course there will be t-shirts as usual but were a bit far out from anything concrete form yet. Announcements will be made as soon as we know something there.

As we all know there’s lots of noise on the new books put out and as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we are talking, reading, researching, and duking it out over beers as to how we’re going to treat everything. We’re just a little small dinky bar event, I can’t image the chaos this is causing the larger GT style events.

We’re already working on missions and themes and ideas for cool, unique prizes. I just need to find out if I can give beer away at a public event without a license…


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Granite City Waaagh!Fest Date Official!


All right you no gud gits, listen up ‘ere. Accordin to all the info you mighta heard, dey’z all wrong. Da Granite City Waaagh!Fest will be held on Saturday (duh) June 28th, at da same place as last years throwdown.

And a nuver ting, some ‘umie or sumtin said last time we’z gunna paste some roolz ‘ere. Well, ‘ez ded wrong! Dey’z all still knockin’ ‘eadz back dere tryin’ ta figure out if we can bring da big killy, shooty and ded ‘ard stuffs or not.  We’ll letcha know when we’z know sumtin’


paul-huckFeelin’ kinda safe afta scrubbin’ out da warp tainted code from the servers, we’z tink we gots it licked! (fingaz crossed ‘ere).

The website is back up and running in skeleton mode. There may be a few things outta whack for a bit as I rebuild the site. Right now the two most important things are the ability to get out information (this) and the registration software. I’m working on both in what little spare time I can find.

I know a lot of (ok, a few) people have been asking about the date for this years Waaagh!Fest and wondering the details so they can plan. Granite City Waaagh!Fest 4 is tentatively set for Saturday, June 21st 2014. The location should be the same (The Waite Park Moose Lodge) and the vibe should be much like last year.

Another topic I wanted to drop a note about is noise and confusion caused by Games Workshops rapid release of material, including Stronghold Assault, Escalation, dataslates and the Forgeworld inclusions. I can say up front that at a minimum, we will be allowing everything as it was last year (WH40K Approved FW) including the restriction on Skyshield Landing Pads and Fortress of Redemption.

NOW, that said, we are meeting this next week to have some face to face conversation and hammer it out. We will be carefully looking at all the angles and how this massive surge in product will change the “I’m here to have fun, meet people, drink beer, and play with little plastic toy armies” aspect of Waaagh!Fest. There is a lot of noise out there, especially online, and we are taking almost every bit of info into consideration.

Expect some announcement and rulings to be posted in the next week or two about the final roolz for the upcoming event. Until, remember, it’s a jungle out there and all we want to do is have fun!

Randy Tenvoorde

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Takin’ Care uv Tings Like a Warboss!


Hey all! Here’s  the countdown reminder for a few things and a couple of decisions da interwebs haven’t done fixed yet.

JUNE 3rd - T-shirt orders are due. Remember you can email/talk to me if you don’t want to pay via Paypal interface.

JUNE 17th - Army lists are due to me here ( PDF .TXT, RST, DOCX… Any of these formats work. If you’re at Bakers on Tuesday nights, you can hand a hard copy to any one of the Waaagh!Fest staff. (Randy, Brian, Geppy, Brandon or Mark).

A few other notes as we get closer… We will not be using the new Eldar Codex as it’s inside the four week window. Alas, that means we have to let the Tau in though ;)

Two particular issues have been raised that GW hasn’t been speedy about FAQing here in the states (apparently it’s understood in England).

1) The Tau’s Sun Shark Bomber STARTS with a bomb in the bomb generator.

2) Deamons Exalted Flamer Chariot: This unit CAN move and shoot.

If there’s anything else that’s really nebulous and you’re not sure (and already hasn’t been FAQ’d to death), contact me and we’ll sort it out before hand. I don’t want to have people not bring certain things because they were unsure about it.

The Waaagh!Fest Staff

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Now ya know what yer gettin’!


shirt-2013-thumb2The artwork for the t-shirts is done! Here’s a preview of the Waaagh!Fest T-shirts with the new artwork from Clayton!

Make sure you head over to the online order form and get yers today. Orders are due by JUNE 3RD!.

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Waaagh!Fest 2013 Artwork Preview


Clayton Tait artworkOK folks, Clayton’s workin’ hard to make us smashin’ t-shirt/poster design for this years Waaag!fest. This is what you can expect to see (finished, in color) on the posters and shirts. Make sure you get your t-shirt orders in on time as they’re limited editions and won’t be re-printed. I can’t wait, how about you?

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Roolz Update ‘cuz of Forgeworld


necron2Ok, Necrons got some really nice new love in the new Forgeworld book. One piece in particular is really cool since it’s the only “official” piece of WH40K Approved fortification outside of ‘umie hands. The Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Citadel, while being sweet, is way to large and we were really surprised it’s listed as “Warhammer 40,000 Approved”. Because of it’s impressive footprint (2′ square) we are adding it to the list of restricted items for Waaagh!Fest.

shirt-unknownWhat’s dat you say? A mista-wut? Mystery! Like intrigue and danger and … You get it by now. The point is, we are offering for sale again, a commemorative Granite City Waaagh!Fest t-shirt for the low price of $$16.00. It will have the Waaagh!Fest logo and date of course and will feature a smashin’ new piece of work, custom made for us, by TaytonClait! He’s currently in progress and I’m so excited to see this one on a shirt, it’s nuts. Perfectly crafted for orks and pub folks. There’s even squigs!

To get yerself one of these masterpieces, head on over to the T-shirt Ordering Page and order. It’s through Paypal and the shirts do need to be pre-ordered, I can’t afford to pony up the amount of $$$ so you must order and pay before the contest. If you want a shirt and absolutely don’t want to use Paypal, email me and maybe we can work something out.

I will post the finalized shirt design as soon as I get the artwork from Clayton.