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Registration for Granite City Waagh!Fest! 2017 is now open!


As it sez on da tin, we’z acceptin signups for Waaagh!Fest! 2017 on June 10th. As a token of our appreciation to past attendees we opened registration a week early for them – good goin’ folks! Dere’s already 21 people signed up, leavin’ only 43 spots for everyone else.

As usual, we will be usin’ the ITC Rules fer army selection, if we think something needs to be different for our event, we’ll let you know through here, the Waaagh!Fest FB page and the Waaagh!Fest 2017 event page. Otherwise, refer to the ITC rules listed here.

I know how ya’all can get about dez roolz and dere’s always lots a questions. IF ya got’em, email’em here,, and we’ll try to get them answered as soon as possible. As for book, rules, FAQ, and errata, we will not use anything that’s been decided within 30 days of the event, in this case, that’d be May 10th.

Any other questions, drop by the Facebook pages or email us here at

Da Waaagh!Fest! Staff