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Roolz Page Updated for 2016


All right ya no gud gitz, listen up!

We’ve updated the rules page for 2016. The section on list building is taken directly from the ITC page. We know that Front Line Gaming is in the process of updating it for 2016 and these are listed as 2015 rules. For the purposed of Waaagh!Fest! we will use these until FLG updates their page. This works under the assumption that these will be updated more than 30 days prior to the event. If they drop AFTER that point, we will use the ones currently listed.

As usual, any questions, let us know here.

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Your Screams Have Been Answered!


Agor_the_Mad_-_Ork_WeirdboyIt looks as though Gork (or was it Mork?) has seen fit to make sure we have maximum carnage happenin’ at this years Granite City Waaagh!Fest!

We had no idea there were so many people this excited to throw dice in a bar over very expensive miniature action figures, much less our little shindig. When we saw how many people were still wanting to sign up, we had to open registration up to a maximum of 64 players, up form 48. A warning ahead – this will always be our limit as the location won’t fit anymore!

So, if you haven’t had a chance to sign up, head on over and do so now.



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Hotel Deals for Waaagh!Fest


We know there’s a large number of folks that come in form out of the St. Cloud area to attend this event. Kudos and a huge thanks to you! We’re also aware that a number of you decide to “curb you enthusiasm” in the later hours because of a long (and responsible) drive back to the Twin Cities, Duluth, Fargo, and even further. We’re hoping to help some of you in making the funner choice this year.

We’ve managed to secure a block of rooms at the Quality Inn in St. Cloudfor $119 a night (normally $149/night). All you need to do to secure this rate is to mention you’re part of the Waaagh!Fest group when registering. This offer is good until May 11th.

So what does that really get you? Well, the Quality Inn is two miles from the Waaagh!Fest event itself so it’s a short (and cheap) cab ride to the hotel. Not only that, the festivities carry on at one of two places: Old Chicago or Boulder Tap House. Old Chicago is connected to the hotel, and Boulder Tap House is 150′ across the parking lot from Old Chicago. That means access to 80+ taps and 60+ bottles of different beers available AFTER we’re done having our way with the Moose Lodge.

We’ll add the Quality Inn location and contact information to the Location page so it’s there for easy reference.

And if you’re still not sure, ask the Lords of War group for references to  what the after event is like…. 😉


The Waaagh!Fest Staff