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One Month and Counting…


imorktanHoly Gork! (or is it Mork! ?)

Only a month left till we do this thing called Waaagh!Fest! The whole crew is working hard to make this one of the craziest years ever. Hopefully the venue will allow us to come back next year 😉

Here is a list of things we need to remind everyone of as we get closer to the day.

Registration and Waiting List

There have (sadly) been a few cancellations and we have moved through the waiting list as this happens. If you want to come and see the registration is full, please email me to be put on the waiting list (which currently sits at two people).

Armylists. Very Important Update/Change!!!

All armylists are due June 5th and should be emailed to

Because Waaagh!Fest! is larger than ever, it takes us longer to verify armilists. To give everyone an incentive to give us enough time to check all 64 lists, we are adding a bonus 5 points to everyone who submits their armlylist by June 5th. This will be an additional 5 points on top of Battle Points, Painting, and Sportsmanship. Those who do NOT turn in their list before June 6th will NOT receive these 5 points.

Free points folks!


While we are still working out the final design for the official, limited edition, Granite City Waaagh!Fest! t-shirt, you can still put in your orders via the website or contact me at Orders for the Waaagh!Fest t-shirt are due by May 24th. There will not be a second run of printing this year as there was last year.

Hotel Accommodations

A reminder that if you want a special block rate for a hotel room at the Quality Inn, you have to reserve by May 11th –That’s very soon!

Charity Dice!

NEW! We will be offering a special dic may be purchased during registration for $5. This special die allows each player a single reroll, once per game and may be used to reroll a reroll.

Recent rulings that may affect armylist creation.

Games Workshop put out a lot of new things in the preceding month or so and there have been a lot of questions. Here’s our take for Waaagh!Fest! 2016:

Death From The Skies book – OUT

New GW FAQ’s from Facebook – OUT

Anniversary Space Marine model/rules – OUT

Space Marine Geokenisis World Shift Psychic Power – OUT


Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you follow us Facebook and check the website frequently for updated and any new information.


Any other questions or simply want to give us money, please contact Randy at


Randy Tenvorde (Warboss)
and Staff
Granite City Waaagh!Fest!


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Rulings and Clarifications


zaggySo Games Workshop has decided to do the unthinkable – release a ton of new stuff quickly and start updating things! Who knew?

Because of the flood of new releases, there is inevitably a lot of questions goin’ round so to easy your aching brains, here’s the low down on how all that will affect Waaagh!Fest (and your lists).

Death From the Skies

Granite City Waaagh!Fest! will NOT be using the Death from the Skies book recently released from GW. We haven’t worked on this tournament and it’s missions for the last 6 months to have something like this come in and completely change things. Look for incorporation into next years event.

New Games Workshop FAQ’s.

All of the FAQ’s roaming around Facebook and the internet are in-process documents and in no way official. Disregard ALL of the decisions that have been made surrounding the questions and the resulting FAQ’s for Waaagh!Fest!

Anniversary Space Marine

Yes, we know it’s only about 35-50 points. No we will not allow this model, or it’s rules, to be used at Waaagh!Fest!

Space Marine Psychic Power: Geokinises – Shifting Worldscape

ITC has ruled on this, along with a couple other new powers. We have chosen the option to ban this power for Waaagh!Fest!