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Granite City Waaagh!Fest 2015 Final Results


waaaghfest-2015-finalThanks to everyone who came from near and far to participate in this years Waaaagh!Fest! We had a record turnout and a really good time (some more than others, apparently 😉 ) Congratulations are in order for those who finished at the top and took home a custom 1 liter Waaagh!Fest mug and earned a kustom ork slugga to be delivered in the next week or so after Randy has a chance to finish them up.

Best Overall: Matt Root

Best General: Trent Northington

Best Sport: Chris Monahan

Best Paint: Nathan Sorenson

I also want to thank all the staff along with the countless hours they put in making this thing go about as smoothly as possible and for a lot of great ideas for the missions. We’ve already got some cool ideas floating around for next years bash.

Question, feedback, shoutouts, and cheers can be emailed to or posted to the Waaagh!Fest Facebook or the Facebook Event Page (don’t post here after July)  and look forward to hearing from all of you!

Here’s the final standings too as a gif 🙂


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Holy Gork! (or Mork!) Two Weeks and Armylists.


trukkSo, the imminent panic attack that comes with realizing there’s only two weeks left until the greenest party uv da year happens (yes, dis trumps St. Paddy’s Day, right?) and dere’s an orky tonne of werk to be done. Prizes, beer, and food are all lined up so da important stuff is taken care of, at least. 🙂

I know many of you went to BugEater this year so welcome back and congrats to those who placed! I expect there’s a bunch of ya tweakin’ yer lists for da other dig day, so we do need to get yer armylists – these are due by June 16th so we’ve got time to cross check everything. As you know, the game has gotten quite complicated so be kind and give us some time to make sure things are copacetic.

Please send your armylists to either Marv at or myself at


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Last Day to Order T-Shirts!


WaaaghFest T-ShirtWhat else can I say? If you want one, you’ve got until 9:00 pm tonight to put in your order! Go.


Get to da order form!